By Blood chronicles American Indians of African descent as they battle to regain their tribal citizenship. The film explores the impact of this battle, which has manifested into a broader conflict about race, identity, and the sovereign rights of indigenous people. The film demonstrates both sides of the battle, the shared emotional impact of the issue, and the rising urgency of the debate: a Native American and African American history has been overlooked, and a tribal body feels as though their sovereignty is under siege.


Directed by: Marcos C. Barbery & Sam Russell

Produced by: Marcos C. Barbery

Director of Photography: Sam Russell

Edited by: Kelly Kendrick & Sam Russell

Executive Producer: Christian Keesee

Executive Producer: Max Bleyleben

Executive Producer: Tamer Amr

Executive Producer: Johne Tuthill

Executive Producer: Colleen Tuthill

Generously Supported by: The Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute

Generously Supported by: The Kirkpatrick Foundation

Generously Supported by: THREAD, Inc.